Stuck on Jumbotron


I have used the code correctly and I keep getting errors. It tells me to make the height 500px, which i have input correctly. My code looks like .jumbotron {
background-image: url('');
height: 500px;
and it is saying that I am not setting the height to 500px! Help!


Changed code to have an a after jumbotron... still didnt work!


I copy/pasted the hint answer and it still didnt work! Help!


Hey Martin,

Let's see all of your CSS code. Look for missing/misplaced { } and ;


I pasted it earlier but here it is again: .jumbotron {
background-image: url('');
height: 500px;


You should have more code in your main.css file than that. What happened to all the code that you wrote in exercise 2?


The website deleted it... When I started the exercise it wasn't there. I assumed the site did it purposefully and that it was supposed to happen.


2 posts were split to a new topic: Jumbotron -- I've literally tried EVERYTHING


It did not mean to drop the code like that.

Either use the Reset Code button to bring it forward, or copy/paste it in yourself.


mine wasnt deleted but i have the same thing as the code and it does not work


i meant the hint not the code


Let's see what your code looks like.


Mine didn't drop the .nav a code but it still won't accept it!


Now I'm confused.


I thought you meant like the millions of lines we wrote in the lesson before the .nav a code


Figured it out! I had to delete all of the .nav a code, though... Is that supposed to happen?


No! You need that if you want your navigation bar to look good.


I had to delete it to complete the problem... If that isn't supposed to happen, please fix the bug.


If you post your code then I will help you find your bug.