Stuck on JSX Animal Facts project - nothing is rendering on browser

Hey Everyone,

Hate to be that guy, but I have spent too much time trying to figure this out myself. I usually catch myself misspelling things but it seems this is not one of those times. I am on the Build Web Apps with React path and trying to complete the Animal Facts project. I have not finished it yet, but the code I have so far should be rendering a title and a background image below the title on the browser on the right, but it does not. I have gone through the unstuck video and made sure the code is even formatted in the same way so it would be simpler for me to catch errors but I am clearly missing something. Please help! Here’s all the code I have so far:

import { animals } from './animals';
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

const title = "";

const background = (

const animalFacts = (
  <h1>{title === "" ? "Click an animal for a fun fact" ? title}</h1> 

ReactDOM.render(animalFacts, document.getElementById("root"));

In your h1 block you’ve got a ternary expression. The second ? should be a :
The rest looks ok, i think.

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You’re absolutely right! Thanks so much for that. I feel ashamed now :smiley: