Boy, think I made the mistake of thinking I could follow a CodeAcademy course. So I’m not necessarily “dumb” but then again no one would make the mistake of calling me particularly bright either. That said, I have tried numerous times to get past this section where a lib file is suppose to get created under src and it goes no where. After I add the “build”: “babel src -d lib” to package.json and hit run it just hangs up. When I check src the only file showing is main.js. What’s happening? I would include a screen shot of what I’m talking about but I can figure out how to do that here.


build is part of npm command

you need to do npm build


by ‘do’ do you mean type npm build at the command line?


the command is given in the exercise, its npm run build

take the time to read the things in the exercise

if you run:

npm help run

you get help about this command, it says:

This runs an arbitrary command from a package’s “scripts” object.

the package script not so surprising being package.json


I read the instructions with great care, multiple times in fact when I can’t grasp whats being asked. This course was advertised by codeacademy as “no prior programming experience required”. I’m beginning to think that was a somewhat generous description and just a come on to get people to part with $.

Thanks for your willingness to help.


i am not going into the discussion if this course does or doesn’t need prior programming knowledge.

It would greatly help if you understand what bash is (the output window on the right where you type your commands), it says bash as well. Do you know what bash is?

because then you also know how to use --help and npm help and man npm to get additional information

do you know what NPM is and its relation to JS?

doing the JS course:
and command line course:

might greatly help your understanding of what you are doing

do you understand what es6 is and why we transpile to es5? and what babels roll is in this?


I get what Bash, Babel and transpilation are, the course is easy to follow with respect to what they are/do. It just doesn’t teach you how to use them other than “enter this command”. I made a mistake. Thanks for your patience. I’m cancelling this course.


yea, ideally you follow this course along so can play around with it on your own computer (that is what i did, that helped, plus having prior programming experience helps)


I too think this part of the course is very poorly written in relation to the rest.


Yeah, the whole rest of the course makes sense and then you get to this section which just assumes you are familiar with linux. It’s poorly written and buggy. According to es6 is only really unsupported on IE and Opera Mini now. That’s no loss to me.


The ugly parts also have to be taught, the course is not buggy. Its just a lot more difficult and focus on a very different part of JS.

unfortunately, when working as a developer for a company, this decision might not be up to you.


It is buggy. The Bash terminal regularly loses focus and the only way to type on the command line is to refresh the page. When this happens, running the right code flags as a mistake. The only way I progressed through this lesson was to refresh and fail it until I could access the solution. I’ve submitted a bug report.


Completely agree - I am an experienced developer in other languages and bash. I am having to progress through the solution because it doesn’t recognize changes in the files that are correct.
I had a chrome plugin (vimium) that I was using throughout this course. After some investigation, I discovered the plugin wasn’t letting me hit escape when inside vim. So I disabled the plugin for the page and everything works, but now the app is unable to pick up that the files were changed correctly even after refreshing a few times. I also had a swap file that I deleted, not sure if that effected things.
Its not a big deal since I can just push through the solution and I understand what is going on, but I’ve noticed issues where it will not pick up the correct solution inside files if everything doesn’t follow the happy path.


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