Stuck on Jammming Project

Howdy all! I’m mostly a Discord user, this is my first post looking for assistance on the forums.

I’ve been trying to work my way through the Jammming project one thing at a time but I’m stuck on a few things and I’m not sure if it’s because my solution is inherently flawed or I just don’t know how to make it do what I want it to.

On that, I have my most recent uploads always on my gitHub, here

Things I am stuck on :
*Getting tracks to add to Playlist.js file when ‘.onRemoval’ is updated within Track. Playlist is importing track and its props so I am unsure of what to do to make sure that property is correctly passed when the button in Track is pressed so that it can display in Playlist.
*The SearchBar working with SearchResults - I built my SearchBar off of reference from other projects and lessons. I Know I have not implemented it correctly I just don’t really know how to do so. Any tips/tutorials you can share would be of great help.

Also, I am currently reading through the spotify documentation on how to bring over their API and I’m feeling lost on that as well. I see all other Project solutions have a specific file for Spotify and I’m not sure if they coded that or if they copy/pasted code from the documentation or what.

Any and all help would be appreciated… The one thing I think I’m doing okay with is the styling. There is more to be done but at least it looks okay (to me)

Hey @jmnewman101 !

I’m actually having a JS Support Hour at the Detroit Codecademy chapter. You should bring this by tonight!



Sure, that cant hurt lol. Thanks for the invite.