Stuck on installing pipenv, python3 and pip3

Learn Python: Pipenv

Good evening (or morning or afternoon, depending on where you’re from)

I’m stuck on this exercise in the Learn Python 3 course. I’ve followed the Codecademy instructions on installing python, pip and pipenav, however when I try to call their versions I’m running into two problems:

  1. I’m getting a ‘command not found’ error for pipenv

  2. I’m unable to call Python3 and Pip3 as ‘python’ and ‘pip’ even though I have edited the .bash_profile, saved and restarted terminal (an my computer) multiple times.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the .bash_profile file and the errors I’m having trouble with in terminal.

It’s all good, this pops up quite often with OSX as they swapped from using bash in the terminal to using zsh with Catalina. So your bash profile isn’t being run automatically when that terminal opens. You’d want to be altering the relevant zsh profiles instead. This would typically be .zshrc for what you want at the moment.

If you’re curious about the location of similar config files for zsh this SO answer seems to cover them-

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