Stuck on Grammar Checker Project

I don’t understand how to use the map method to substitute the word “beautifull” with “beautiful”.

let story = 'Last weekend, I took literally the most beautifull bike ride of my life. The route is called "The 9W to Nyack" and it stretches all the way from Riverside Park in Manhattan to South Nyack, New Jersey. It\'s really an adventure from beginning to end! It is a 48 mile loop and it literally took me an entire day. I stopped at Riverbank State Park to take some artsy photos. It was a short stop, though, because I had a freaking long way to go. After a quick photo op at the very popular Little Red Lighthouse I began my trek across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey. The GW is a breathtaking 4,760 feet long! I was already very tired by the time I got to the other side. An hour later, I reached Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary, an extremely beautifull park along the coast of the Hudson. Something that was very surprising to me was that near the end of the route you literally cross back into New York! At this point, you are very close to the end.'; let storyWords = story.split(' '); let unnecessaryWord = 'literally'; let misspelledWord = 'beautifull'; let badWord = 'freaking'; let count = 0; let forEach = (word) => count++; storyWords.forEach(forEach); storyWords = storyWords.filter(word => word !== unnecessaryWord); storyWords = word; word === unnecessaryWord ? word = 'beautiful' : return word); console.log(storyWords.join(' '));
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Hi, like the .filter() method that you got right, .map() takes a callback function as a parameter and calls it for every element (in this case word) of the array. In your code you are declaring a variable right inside the parentheses of the map method, but you can’t do this. You have to pass a parameter (word) to the callback function (exactly the same way you did in the filter method).
Also, you should remove return from your shorthand, otherwise you’ll get a SyntaxError.
And you probably want to check for the value that is stored in the misspelledWord and not in the unnecessaryWord that you’ve already removed :wink:

So, this is what it would look like:

storyWords = => word === misspelledWord ? 'beautiful' : word)