Stuck on Functions 6/7?



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I’m super stuck here. I’ve tried revisiting this exercise this morning, and I’m still not getting it.

I can get the basic code down up to this point.


function takeOrder(topping, crustType) {
console.log('Order: ’ + crustType ’ pizza topped with ’ + topping

takeOrder(‘pineapple’, ‘thinCrust’);
takeOrder(‘olives’, ‘pita bread’);
takeOrder(‘apple’, ‘fig leaf’);

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Now, I'm super confused with what to do with 

getSubTotal - where do I put this function??
getTax - where do I put this one?
return - what am I supposed to return in these functions?


Back up in the course and start over with Functions lesson, i.e. back to 1. Introduction to Functions. Throughout the lesson you are building those functions as well as a global variable to hold the count. By the time you get to lesson 6, all of that structure is in place.


I’ve tried this - I’m on my third run through right now and still very confused.

What need to go in the parenthesis of getSubTotal and why?


You need to go back to the first lesson and then redo them in order.

In 2. Functions, you start building the takeOrder() function.

In 3 and 4, you are adding parameters to explore how you pass information to a function.

In 5. return, you create a global variable orderCount, build getSubTotal() function, and more.

In 6, you create 2 new functions: getTax() and getTotal().

In the code you have shown above, you are missing all of these. That’s why I recommend that you start the Functions lesson over again. Read the instructions carefully as you progress.


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