Stuck on ecercise number 6 (HSL) in styling with CSS


I'm in "styling with CSS", stuck at the exercise number 6 about HSL.
Here is the link to this exercise :

This the instruction 1 :
"In style.css, change the color of the main heading and set it to an HSL color with the values 350, 58.8%, 42.0%"

I keep writing this same code, (see it at he bottom) which is the good one i think. This following error message keeps displaying :
"Did you change the hex color to an HSL color?"

h1 {
  color: hsl(350, 58.8%, 42.0%);
What is wrong ? i've tried everything i could.


Few tips:

  • Ensure you don't have another color style for same h1 below this written style.

  • Be sure to have all semi-colon in place to end a style line.

  • Do a page reload and then log out and in back.

If these do not work, consider posting your full CSS code here. Thank you! :wink:



I have run Your Code but it cant be display any kind of Error. Or Your CSS is Completetly right.
See Bellow Code and Output.

				color: hsl(350, 58.8%, 42.0%);
		<h1 id="ff">Hello World..</h1>

Output :

Divyesh Padamani


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