Stuck on Debugging HTML Lesson (Mac)

I am stuck on this, its telling me to 1.First download our “debug-example demo”
I am suppose to download it locally then open it in a browser.
Not sure what I’m suppose to download locally and unsure on how to open it on a browser since I can’t find what to download.

Active learning: Studying permissive code

It’s time to study the permissive nature of HTML code.

  1. First, download our debug-example demo and save it locally. This demo is deliberately written with some built-in errors for us to explore (the HTML markup is said to be badly-formed, as opposed to well-formed).
  2. Next, open it in a browser. You will see something like this:

How do i download it???

Hi! i was stuck on this article for 2 days :sob: but I finally figured it out on Mac!

When you open the link to the demo on GitHub, click on RAW, then you right click and ‘Save as’. After, you go to the file and open it with the browser of your choice( I used chrome). This website download from github is what i used as a guide because I could not find the answer on here on how to download the code.


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