Stuck on Curious Ornithologist step 14/15

I’m working on the project for Intermediate CSS Curious Ornithologist. I can’t get the steps to make a trapezoid header.

14 directions are:
Create variables that will eventually be used as arguments for the polygon() function. Back inside the :root pseudo-class ruleset, create a variable called --path-value-1 and set its value to be 20%.

Example of my code:
– path-value-1: var(20%);

15 directions are:
Create three more variables inside the .custom-theme selector ruleset. These variables will then be used inside of the polygon() function. Define a variable called --clip1 and set its value to be --path-value-1.

Example of my code:
–clip1: polygon(var(–path-value-1));

Any guidance is appreciated! I’ve tried doing it multiple ways, but nothing works. I’m sure this is a simple mistake on my part. Thanks!


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