Stuck on CSS color code

Hi, so I am stuck in CSS color code part where you can change the font to colors different colors like sea green etc using base 16. It’s asking me to do a very simple thing of adding the code in the css sheet and I have, but a message keeps popping up saying “Try again, did you make your h3 rose colored?”

h3 {

h2 {

general css syntax:

selector {
  property: value;

your selector and value are good, but you forgot the property (border)

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Here’s another variation of code to color your text;

// This defines the message... (HTML Code)
h3 {
        color: red;
//This will color all h3's red. (CSS Code)

You may find this a bit in efficient however; here’s why… - this will color every h3 element red. If you wish to color only certain h3 elements you can wrap it in a div to organize and define your code better. Here’s how that would look;

<div class="nameofyourdiv">

//This will create a header named "Message..." in the div "nameofyourdiv" (HTML Code)
.nameofyourdiv h3 {
    color: red;
// This will color all h3 elements in the defined div, red. (CSS Code)

This is much more specific code; and can be useful to you… But either way; it’s all up to you. :smile:

Hope it helped! c:

why that method, and not:

<h3 class="red">Message</h3>

and then in css: { color: red; }

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