Stuck on cp1 5/10

I cant understand how to use the cp command to change directory and if I do cd it throws back an error

You definitely do not use the cp (copy) command to change directory.

You are probably not giving it a command that it understands. What is the terminal telling you when you try?

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I’m also stuck here. I’m typing cd - to move back one directory to drama, where it says to go, but it’s not completing the task. I’m not sure what it’s looking for.

Instead of

cd -

you should be using

cd ..

be careful of spacing

“cd …” works
“cd . .” does not work

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Thank you! This helped a lot. I struggled with this exercise and got it to work because of you. Thank you!

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cd …drama/historical/drama/

see if that works for you.

Hey guys,

I forgot to say I sorted it, I went to talk to my professor and he showed me.
Thanks for all of your help


Thanks for your help caleb26! this one was getting me pretty upset!

So what is the exact code?

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^^ is the code :slight_smile:

thank you it is work

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