Stuck on Command Line > Manipulation > Exercise 9/10 (List all files and directories in the working directory)

I’m currently learning Python and SQL and thought the “Learn the command line” course may help me.

I’m in module 3 manipulation, exercise 9/10.
I had waterboy.txt removed from the slapstick directory.
On the 3rd step, when I run “ls” on the current directory, I get this :

" Did you run the command ls to list the remaining contents of comedy/slapstick? If you accidentally erased something other than ‘waterboy.txt’ then reset the exercise and start over."

I did just delete wateboy.txt as I get “shrek.txt the-office.txt zoolander.txt” from the terminal.
Tried navigating back a couple of directories and running “ls comedy/slapstick”, same error message.
Also, how would I be able to reset this individual exercise? I don’t see a reset button like in the python terminal.

Seems like I deleted the correct thing, but I cannot advance past this error message.
Maybe I am wrong on this, or I’m forgetting something?