Stuck on chapter 25: Size and borders


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LOOK AT YOUR POST!!! ...Please.


I'm sorry for the incorrectly structured complain, however, I still Do have
a problem which is the following: I completed the exercise on chapter
25.- Size and borders and I do believe I completed it correctly, however,
system disagrees and I cannot continue further although I'm eager to.
Please see screenshot bellow:

I hope if you are unable to help with my query, at least you could direct
me to the correct person, as I really enjoy learning with Codeacademy.

Kind Regards
Paula Yankova


I have the same problem. Need help with this


That looks right! Try using a different image.


Did it, still the same problem.


Thanks shike2, I've tried different PC and I passed. Cannot explain what was the issue exactly, but I know that I sent few emails to different pple, maybe someone fixed it. Anyway, now it's working for me and I'm moving forward. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Sitting with the same issue, so still no fix. Hope i will be soon though!


I'm having the same issue with the border around the image. Not sure what the problem is but I'm not able to continue either.


I've been in contact with codecademy, and the fix they gave me was just too skip it for now, which is extremely annoying. However it's the best advice i can give you.


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