Stuck on Build Web Apps with ASP.Net

I am doing “Build Apps with ASP.Net” that also includes C# track.
As long as I was doing C# track I was fine. I was understanding the course and I was following along. (Please note that I already know C#)
But since I started “ASP.Net” I am in real problem. I am not able to understand the course, it seems that either I am missing something or the course is organized in very difficult manner. Specially when you get the code already build without explanation, it’s difficult for a new learner to understand it. I am now on “Module 5: Page model” and I am totally lost. I am not able to do a single task in the “” project.
So I am thinking about leaving this course as there is no advantage of wasting time if you don’t understand.

Can anyone relate with me?
Am I missing something or this course is too tough for beginners?
Any suggestions for me to get back on track?

Can definitely relate to this. c# course was going well and thought i had a good theoretical and practical understanding of the material. ASP.Net begins and not only are there some serious bugs in the beginning of the course. Which i raised, and was ultimately dismissed by CA when i sent them several descriptive emails with screen shots etc… as the issue doesn’t exist on their side… But the ASP.NET course is just not that well taught. I’ve found I may as well be doing going through the Microsoft tutorials of .NET as their is a complete lack of explanation of the some the key concepts.
I’ve somehow manage to slog a long and painstakingly stuck with it. But there are some key concepts that have totally gone over my head that my practical application of the course is essential non-existence…
If you have found any material, or if any one else has found a source which has helped fill this gigantic black hole of understanding caused by the course material/structure i’d really appreciate if you could post some links…

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I agree with you both. I liked the C# course and assumed the ASP course would be the same quality. I posted a comment about my issues with ASP a few days ago. In my opinion, it is just not worth the time to keep fooling with this course. We are kind of just out here on our own to figure it out - or not. The most frustrating thing is the bugs in the editor in this particular course. This seems to be a really good platform, but the ASP course was poorly developed overall. I personally cannot justify spending an hour trying to figure out what the editor has a problem with for a simple task that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

At this point, I am not sure what we are actually paying a subscription for. I would probably pay more just to have some questions answered. But it is too late for that now. I am kind of over this.

Hope you guys have better luck.


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