Stuck on Build a Website step 7! Can't see what I've done wrong


Okay so I know it's supposed to be on "Ollie Bike Sharing" or whatever, but I just thought since the whole reason I'm doing this thing is so I can code a blog called the Apple Chronicles, I thought I would just change the text to suit my needs. On step five, it shows you how to create a weblink so I did Exactly what they told me to Namely: href=""> Click here for google! </a. It didn't work AT ALL so when the "Having trouble?" message came up I clicked "Get code" so they put THEIR code in, and IT WORKED. As far as I could work out, I hadn't done anything wrong, and I can't work out what's wrong. Help?

href=""> Click here for google! </a>


I didnt can see the <a on your links in text and code example

Is that maybe the mistake

<a href=""> Click here for Google!</a>


Did you forget to start the a tag? href is an attribute, not an element, <a href="some url">some text</a>
An example of an element would be

An example of an attribute would be

where class and style are attributes, as they affect the way the element behaves/looks


Ahh i see

You forget the protocol http:// without it it looks for an folder or file on your server that is called

absolute URL - points to another web site (href="http://www.)
relative URL - points to a file (href="index.htm")


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