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I’m not quite sure how to do this but have made an educated guess…this is obviously not correct, however when i click get code it doesn’t come up with anything in style.css but says that it is correct. i really want to see how to do this so it doesn’t cause me issues later. Below is my code…i have no idea whether it’s correct or not :slight_smile:


banner-content {
padding: 30px;

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please help....thanks :smile:

You forgot to add a # in front of banner-content.

When you need to define an id for a CSS selector, you add a #
When you need to define a class, you add a .

For example,

<div class="banner">  -------------------> .banner { } 
    <div id="banner-content"> -----------> #banner-content { }

Please note however that users are currently experiencing some issues with this course.
The CSS file doesn’t show anymore.

Please report the bug.

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Thanks for your help @ghostlovescore. That makes a lot more sense now. :smiley:

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