Stuck on borders but 'get code' doesn't give me the answer


I'm not quite sure how to do this but have made an educated guess...this is obviously not correct, however when i click get code it doesn't come up with anything in style.css but says that it is correct. i really want to see how to do this so it doesn't cause me issues later. Below is my code....i have no idea whether it's correct or not :slight_smile:

banner-content {
  padding: 30px;

please help....thanks :smile:


You forgot to add a # in front of banner-content.

When you need to define an id for a CSS selector, you add a #
When you need to define a class, you add a .

For example,

<div class="banner">  -------------------> .banner { } 
    <div id="banner-content"> -----------> #banner-content { }

Please note however that users are currently experiencing some issues with this course.
The CSS file doesn't show anymore.

Please report the bug.


Thanks for your help @ghostlovescore. That makes a lot more sense now. :smiley:


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