Stuck on 'And', instruction #2 (What does -(-(-(-2))) mean?)


Hi, my name is Brendan, and I am quite the beginner at Python. Everything thing was fine and dandy in the 'Conditionals & Control Flow' unit, until I came across task 6. 'And', mainly the second instruction. It tells you to Set bool_two equal to the result of -(-(-(-2))) == -2 and 4 >= 160.5** First off, I don't believe we were taught previously that we could use And to compare more than 2 expressions. What I'm mainly stuck on though, is what exactly -(-(-(-2)))' means. Help is appreciated, thanks.


Have you done stuff like True and False?
That's what that boils down to, if you evaluate the expressions.

For example, -(-2) is equal to 2, so you can replace -(-2) with 2 and then keep going like that until there's only a single value and then you're done with the expression.


To "release" the -2 in -(-(-(-2))), you have to swap signs for each parentese you remove because the parenteses contains a minus infront of it. So:


Hope you understood what I meant, since English isn't my mother language :slightly_smiling: