Stuck on Alias step 3 in Bash Profile Module


Hi, I've read and tried some solutions to this problem but none have worked. I'll state the problem below for clarity.
I'm stuck on the step below:

I've opened nano by: nano ~/.bash_profile
Typed in under the welcome string "alias pd= "pwd"
Saved under the name ~/.bash_profile, exited and cleared.

I've tried calling cat ~/.bash_profile and then source ~/.bash_profile but nothing has worked out.

Please help!


alias only supports the format: name=replacement
what you wrote doesn't match that (compare to what's in the instructions) so no alias is created


Thanks for the reply, but still don't see how my code doesn't much. What should I have typed in line 2 instead?


Same as what is in the instructions. Compare.
can you tell the two versions part at all? If so they are different. I can tell them apart, so can you. You just need to look. There are about 10 characters to compare.


Ok ye I guess it was the spacing


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