Stuck on a Javascript Review Quiz (Pro) Question


I'm taking the Javascript Review Quiz and I've been staring and staring at this question, but it's really unclear how that answer that I chose in the screenshot above is incorrect. The condition in the if statement resolves to 39, which is definitely greater than 37, so it seems like the line of code that immediately follows ("you've done well") would be executed. Additionally, I would guess you wouldn't have any quotes show up in the console unless you escaped them. Is there something really simple I'm missing here? Thank you!


Try it with 4th option
as the result to computer is "you've done well!"


Okay, thanks. I wasn't sure what the right answer was. I guess I assumed it would be the second option, because when you actually look at the text output by the console.log function in Chrome (as in my screenshot above), there are no quotes surrounding the text. I'll stare at it a bit more with fresh eyes tomorrow, this is the only question I missed on the quiz, so I'm still really curious as to what elemental conceptual hurdle I can't clear. Thanks for the reply!


It i a nasty question.....

What will be printed to the console......
What is printed in the console....

I agree....


Ah, thanks, @leonhard.wettengmx.n. I guess there is some perverse logic there on the part of the quiz makers. Thanks for looking it over again!


its telling me that i have made a mistake with the comfirm script and that is i should use the examples bu has failed