Stuck on a basic lesson.. please help!


In HTML basics lesson 11

I get the error "Oops, try again" even though I believe my code is correct

<img src=""/>


You just don't put an img sign. You need a body, head, DOCTYPE html, and html.

<!DOCTYPE html>






Your "img" tag should go in between the body tags.


You should have two images and yes they should go between the body tags (sorry @krazykodekat that wasn't addressed to you I accidentally replied to your comment)


you should have two images, and a space between .jpg" and />, it is xml syntax


Sorry turned out I can't post the tags cause new users can't anyways.. I did the same thing you did and my tags was correct IDK why it won't accept thanks for helping though


I did the same thing it was between body tags and the two images are displayed on the right screen but still it won't let me proceed I don't get it what I am doing wrong in here


Thank you so much!!! It worked out!!! Thank you so much again, can't believe such a little thing could stop me like that :slight_smile: