Stuck on 9. CSS selectors 15: Links


Stuck on CSS selectors 15: links.

Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your a:link to have a text-decoration of none?

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		        <li><a href="">google</a></li>
		        <li><a href="">bing</a></li>
		        <li><a href="">google</a></li>

a:link {
a:hover {
a:visited {


I had the same problem in Chrome so I used Microsoft Edge and it worked fine there.


I had the same problem on Chrome. I changed to Firefox and now is ok. So try Fox or Opera :slight_smile:


Opera is no good either, but it worked fine in Firefox


i stuck here as well try any different browser error will we fine....


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