Stuck on 8/14 - did everything right, does not accept


One of my instructions was to set the font - size of the p element inside the .neighborhood guides div to 15 px. Here is my code to prove it:

.neigborhood-guides p {
font-size: 15px;
margin-bottom: 13px;

However, when ever I click save and submit, I get the following error:

Oops, try again. Set the font-size of the p element inside

to 15px

I have been stuck here for ages. Please help me!



it might be a typo, but you have written .neigborhood-guides, it needs to be .neighborhood-guides




Hey, I can't believe I was so blind! Thank you for the input. I checked it again and again and kept missing that. I corrected, works fine now. Thank you so much for the help and so sorry if I wasted anybody's time. Thanks again!


no worries, dont feel bad, the only reason I can spot most of the mistakes on here is because I was in the same position not too long ago! Plus this one really caught me out since its the American spelling and Im English and spelt it neighbourhood-guides

Good luck with the rest of the course