Stuck on 7 out of 7. NEED HELP


Every time I try reading the code nothing seems wrong, and tells me that "The 50..." isn't echoed, when it actually is. I've re-written out the wrong thing and it gives me the same error.

Here is the code.

    $yardlines = array( "The 50...", "The 40... ",
    "The 30... ", "The 20... ", "The 10... ");
    // Write your foreach loop below this line
    foreach($yardlines as $lines){
        echo "<li>$lines</li>";
    // Write your foreach loop above this line
    echo "Touchdown!";



Please, at least give us a link to the exercise. We're blind here. Thank you.



I have the same problem :confused:


Just did some testing and found that the SCT does not expect the output to be marked up with any tags. Just,

        echo $lines;

In the screenshot above we can see unset($lines) which is also not called for and should be removed.