Stuck on 7/9

it won’t restore the workspace!!! help!

Please provide more information.

Lesson URL and the steps you are following !

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sorrry for the lack of detail the URL for the lesson is: .the lesson will not take in my answers nor would it provide me with the correct answer when i click ‘Get Code’ now i cannot proceed to further lessons.

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I tried getting to 7/9, but I can’t seem to get passed 5/9. I’m guessing this might be a bug.

Please paste in your code and provide screenshots, whoever is fluent or can help with Sass will reply.

Hi all!
I am stuck on 4/9 "Learn Sass ", could not restore, when i “RUN” i’ve got error (“Did you assign the .math class height and line-height to be a sixth of the width in main.scss?”), and cannot “GET CODE” either…
CodeCademy disconnect when i want to “GET CODE”.
And in main.css window i have empty space.

My code is:

$width: 250px;
$lagoon-blue: fade-out(#62fdca, 0.5);

.math {
width: $width;
text-align: center;
background-color: $lagoon-blue;
color: yellow + blue;
height: $width/6;
line-height: $width/6;
border-radius: $width/30;

I think it is correct.

I saw in another post that you shoudl try changing your browser. I had the same problem while using Firefox and when i changed to Chrome, it worked. Now I’m stuck at 7/9.

Thank You very much, it works great now!
I’ve done all steps in this lesson and it work correctly on chrome browser.

I keep getting ‘no response from browser’ and when I ‘get the code’ it still says it is wrong.