Stuck on 6/11 (export PS1=">> ")



after you saved and exit nano did you also run the clear command? On the screenshot, it doesn't look like it, i don't see a cleared terminal in your sceenshot


You mean after ctrl+O enter ctrl+X and then clear(enter)???




yes....but exercise don't accept it....What could be else??? Maybe it's a bug???


can you upload a new screenshot where you ran clear? also include cat .bash_profile


Like this???


"Welcome, Juris Puneiko" isn't a valid bash command, it shouldn't be in your .bash_profile and is reasonably likely to cause the test to fail

remove, comment out, or change to whatever it's meant to be (a welcome message would typically be printed right, so there would need to be a command that writes out arguments given to it to achieve that effect)


how did i miss that? Thank you ionatan.

Besides removing this string, you can also echo it:

echo "Welcome, Juris Puneiko"

now this string will show whenever .bash_profile is read


They use bash-bats which does set -e which has the effect of exiting on failed commands, I'm guessing that's what's going on

tnsaoehutnaohutn # error
echo hi # hi
set -e
aoeutnhaoeuaoht # error, bash exits
PS1=">> " # not executed


can u help me a bit, my terminal wont load. and i cant progress because there is no terminal to write to


o.k. I try!!! :neutral_face:


You're basically screwed.
If you really want to try to get through anyway you can:
try things like running your browser without extensions, running another browser, avoiding firewalls (tor-browser would let you avoid any that there may be)


i have tried internet explorer but it still wont load


That browser wasn't fit for use even before it stopped being supported entirely. You should immediately stop using that (not kidding) and get firefox or chrome, or possibly edge which is sort of the product following IE but firefox/chrome are probably better supported than edge but I don't really know that as fact. There's also stuff like opera but.. really you're better off using something that web developers are interested in supporting and that's firefox/chrome


chrome isnt working either


it wont load as you can see ( in chrome )


I suggested more things which you haven't exhausted. I've got no more suggestions beyond those.


If a relatively clean chrome install isn't working, then most likely it's an issue with the connection, something isn't getting through (keep in mind there are computers between you and them, something could be blocking something) the most likely way around that is tor-browser, other browsers are unlikely to make a difference so running through those suggestions is kind of pointless.


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