Stuck on 5.cp l



Please explain what you need help with.


I donĀ“t understand what to do in this section (5 cp. 1). The exercise says: "Here's one more way to use cp.

Navigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/. (Here's a hint on how to do this.)"

When I click on the hint, the page is empty. It takes me back to the start of the course.

Can someone please tell me how to:" navigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/""


Could you please post a screenshot of the commands that you wrote?


Tnx for responding. I actually figured it out a couple of minutes ago. After visiting the list of command line commands. The correct command was: "cd ..". Pretty basic, but the excersise did'nt say anything about that command. Sorry that I occupied your time...




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