Stuck on 5. Commit on a new Branch


What is the command to make a commit on a new branch. Isn't it: git commit -m "whatever message"

Isn't this commit command supposed to work since the same command works for every other commits. I'm confused and there are no explanations or hints to help with this.



Yes, that is the commit command that you use on any branch. If it isn't working maybe you don't have any files staged? When you use git status what do you see?


It's saying there are "untracked files" but it doesn't indicate which files aren't being tracked. I tried to add the current file I'm working on/everyone is working on which is resume_txt but nothing.


Coult you post a screen shot where you show the results of

git status


I've got the same Problem. When I use git status.


But it's not asking you to do git status?

It's saying check the Git commit log.

git log

is what you should be typing here


I was stuck on this one for a very long time. Thank you.