Stuck on 5. Aliases II at 83% HELP! <RESOLVED>


Ugh, sooo close to getting this one. OK, so I've been able to successfully complete step 1 (which by the way 4. Aliases I has to be correct, my guess, to get Aliases II right).

Step 1: nano ~/.bash_profile

Step 2: I typed in, beneath other aliases: export USER="Jane Doe"
2B: I don't use my own name
2C: I hit 'Control + O'
2D: I hit 'Enter'
2D: I hit 'Control + X'
2E: I type: clear

Step 3: Type in: source ~/.bash_profile

Step 4: Type in: echo $USER

I cannot get past this step and it's annoying me. Any help is much appreciated!


Never mind, I solved it. I just re-wrote the command of "export USER..." and followed my instructions, so it worked! I will update the rest of my steps to show the path to completion in case any one else needs it.