Stuck on 34% Question 3 On Git


Can someone tell me the command to combine scene 3 and scene 7.


I am stuck at the same place, but because I can't seem to open scene-7.txt. Is there something wrong with the lesson? I don't know what's wrong.


I did not quite understand your question, but if you want to add the two files here is the command

git add .


That is the next thing to do, once you have followed the instructions to modify scene-7.txt by changing Larry to LAETRES. I switched browsers and was able to open scene-7.txt, but it is empty. I can't change LARRY to LAETRES because LARRY does not appear in the file. When I try the git add, I get an error message that I have not changed scene-7.txt as instructed.


Situation resolved. There is now text in scene-7.txt so I can complete the exercise. Yesterday and this morning there was no text.


you just make a mistake a lot of times