Stuck on 30%


I need help navigating up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/. That's all. I tried for 2 days, just couldn't figure it out!


I need help too, do you know how to get to the drama/ directory, does anyone know what to do


Did you already try? What happened when you did?


this worked for me


yeah, I did try, It said that there were no directories!! :rage:


That's unusual! Could you take a screen shot and post it? Maybe I can spot the problem from that.


You'll need a space between the cd and the ..


HOW???? Please tell me!

cd ..

Before you did cd drama/historical, so your current directory is drama/historical, and .. sends you to its parent directory, drama.


Ummm I dont know how to take screenshots...Is there any other way?


Which operating system are you using?


Google chrome , on an Acer. Chromebook.


I have not used one of those. Does this help:


yes, thanks!! :smiley:


cant seem to paste the image! :cry:


Try dragging the file into the editor here.


tried, didn't work. :frowning:.. I'll try again.


Nope, didn't work :frowning:


What happens when you try?
Does it give you an error message?


cd.. .. that all you have to do kids,