Stuck on 3. Initalize Your Repo



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cd personal-website
then message displyed is file not exists hence make directory
mkdir personal-website
then type
git init


I tried what you said. Here is what I am seeing now. It is still not letting me move to the next step.


you first create the directory and than locate to it with
’cd personal-website/'
You can check with the command ‘pwd’ if you’re in that directory and if so than can initialize the repo


How do you create the directory? I am sorry. The instructions in this lesson are not very clear and it is hard to go back to previous sections to figure out what to do.


with the command ‘mkdir’, as you have done in the screenshot.

It seems like we need to do these step also for other phases in the course :confused:


I tried same this and it let me go to next step :slight_smile:


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