Stuck on 25%

stuck on 25%, someone help as i have no idea what to do

Hi Klevis,

I’m guessing you’re on this exercise? Type ls into the terminal (the big black section on the page). Then, type ls -a.
If you’ve got any more questions, or that wasn’t the exercise you’re on, please let me know :slight_smile:

what next after typing ls -a

@arrayninja31759 Click the Next button and do what the instructions for the next section tell you to do.

@zystvan that didn’t work :frowning:

agreed it wont work for me either

GUYS! I found the problem! I was really stumped so I decided to take a look at past material. This is what you have to do:

cd comedy

Then just continue with the instructions!
Good luck!


Hi @israelbracey israelbracey,

That command didn’t work for this part of the exercise.

The answer i gave was for question 3, around 25%.

All i need help with this part…

Let’s try out another option for the ls command.

Navigate to the comedy/ directory.

Hi @zystvan did you ever figure this out?? i need help with this as well

Do this for navigate to the comedy/ directory:

cd comedy/


you should try ls -l. it worked for me.

@martinez51406 I completed the entire course with no problems. What do you need help with?

thanks man it work…

Just type cd comedy
and you will pass

its now working!!! xD