Stuck on #24


I'm stuck on #24, I have gone through the Q&A many times and swear I have it right but it keeps telling me I have the wrong syntax, here is what I have, what am I missing?

var my Age = 37;
console.log(my Age);


We cannot have white space in a variable name (identifier).

var myAge = 37;



It may be advisable to do some quick searching on code writing practice and style guides. Bookmark the SERP's and peruse them as you build your skill set.

The basic naming conventions are covered in the FAQ's, I believe, but here is a quick take on the most common ones:

CapitalFirstLetter => denotes a Class (a constructor function)
camelCase          => denotes an object identifier (variable)
under_score        => same as camelCase

Note that the latter two do not begin with a capital letter. This is part of the convention.


HA!, of course, I knew it had to be something simple, Thanks!