Stuck on 2/9


Okay, friends, I keep getting error messages and I can't figure out why. Specifically, it's telling me that my code returns "true" for 3 (even though it doesn't).
I tried changing my "returns" from strings to booleans, but then it told me it had to be strings?


var isEven = function(number){
  if ( number % 2 === 0) {
      return "true!";

  else if (isNaN){
      return "false"; 

  else {
      return "false";



you should use Boolean values to return for if, else if and else, and then it works fine


Hi remove the " " around true and false(s)


It's telling me that I have to make sure my if/else if/else statements return a string though


nope, it should return Boolean's


and the else if statement shouldreturn a string...

else if (isNaN){
      return "here put a string for when number isn't a number"; 

and isNane look like that isNaN() and you should put the variable (number) you want to check inside the ()


why revoke your answer? You where right. isNaN() should indeed take number as argument, to check if number is a valid number.