Stuck on 2/3 (python)



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plz give me the solution code of the following task -

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You know there are about five lessons like this one; are you going to ask for the solutions to them, too? How do you expect to learn? By rote? By osmosis? Do you actually think your teacher will believe you, or ever trust you again? Once a cheater, always a cheater. You don’t want that label, do you?

Do the exercise without asking for solutions, or drop the course.

Set each variable to True or False depending on what you think the result 
will be. For example, 1 < 2 will be True, because one is less than two.

    Set bool_one equal to the result of 17 < 328
    Set bool_two equal to the result of 100 == (2 * 50)
    Set bool_three equal to the result of 19 <= 19
    Set bool_four equal to the result of -22 >= -18
    Set bool_five equal to the result of 99 != (98 + 1)

Let’s look at the first one. Ask yourself, “Is 17 less than 328?” Of course we can see that it is, so the result will be True. Set bool_one to True. Easy-peasy.


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