Stuck on 11. adding images


this is basically what's happening!! can anyone help


your second image is missing some quotation marks ("), and you need a space between .jpg" and />, it is xml syntax


thank you!!! it worked


can anyone explain whats wrong


The answer is already in this topic:

Could you help me understand this? More people tend to ask a question in a topic, while there question is already being answered


Same problem, its bad code or a bug on there part.


The exercise is quit strict, but you can pass it, can i see your code?


hey Im having the same problem, I put space and everything. My image shows up it just wont accept it


you can't have a space between src= and "http://, just annoying from the checking script


thank you for your reply but that did not work either


also the example has a space between it, is that why?


that was it, thank you


the same problem that i have met


Thanks ,that space advice did help :slightly_smiling:


Thank you very much! Was having the same problem..


I have done everything, between the space and everything everyone has said in here and none of it is working!!! need help asap!!!


Well, the only we can help you is if you post your code


hello I was wonder if i can gets some help on adding image.


i would like to quote myself:


hello again,i did everything the instructions said and it didn't work and someone tell what i did wrong.