Stuck on 10.13 the grep


I am on step two of 10.13 the grep. I got stuck on step one like a lot of people because I misspelled arctic, now I have no idea what is not working. I type in the code correctly and something is sent to output in the terminal, but the red ex is in my check box. What am i missing. Many thanks.


Reset your code, start from the beginning. An incorrect input in the beginning by accident may have messed it up a bit.


If you check out the man page for grep you'll find that there is no -1 option

(here's an online version, because you might find man a little arcane to use at first


So what I have learned from this activity is that I cannot spell Arctic and then that a 1 and a l (lower case 'L'), look an aweful lot alike in command line. So everything works fine, I need to pay close attention to the characters. Thanks for all the help.


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