Stuck in style.css Font Change 18px


This is on 12. Styling with CSS.

  1. In style.css, change the font size of all table headings and table data to 18 pixels

I have changed the parts where it says: (font-size: 16px;) to (font-size: 18px;)
Note: there are only 2 parts in the whole section where it says Font size and I have tried changin the font size on both, the first one only then the second one only, my Zooom size is at 100% and I have refreshed the page multiple times and still gives me an error.

I get the hint: The th, td selector already exists for you in style.css. But I dont understand what it means


This exercise is asking you to change the font-size of th, td . The selector already exists so in that selector in the css, add a new line for font-size


I ran into that same problem If you keep on trying It will show you the Solution and you can see what they changed good luck :grinning:


Finally got it, basically I just copied the (font-size: 18px;) text from the box above (couldve typed it in as well) and added it between the th, td section under the padding 18px…