Stuck in step 3 coffee chatbot project

Hi there, everybody!
I’m pretty new to the coding world (this is my 5th day in a row!) and already enjoying it a lot! But I have some issues on step 3 from the coffee chatbot project…somehow, I can’t get my code to deliver the answers it’s supposed to (according to the step-by-step guides)… So! I was wondering if anybody out there might help me crack it? I’ve seen in another thread that the code was solved, but I’d like to first try and understand what it is that I’m doing wrong, why is the system returning syntax errors and not giving me the result I need?
Thanks in advance, have a nice weekend!

Hello @sr_licenciado, welcome to the forums! Could you please post the code you currently have? You can use this button:

And then put the code between the back ticks:
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 14.06.13

Also, what is the problem exactly? Are you receiving an error, or some logic just isn’t working correctly? If you can try to identify the problem before you post your code, then you’re at least half-way to solving it. Even if you need some help working out a solution, if you’ve the thought process in to try to fix it, then you’ll come out with a better understanding at the end.