Stuck in prompt exercise


I am trying to write exactly what they tell me, following the example they provide in the left:
prompt("what is your name?");

I keep getting an error...what am I doing wrong?!?
ps. I've seen answer that tell you to include var etc, but we have not covered that so I'm thinking that may not be the problem...thanks in advance!

prompt("Where are you from?");


Working for me, what does read in the error post?


Hey thanks for your help. This was definitely a bug in codeacademy. I just went there again and tried it for the 90th time, and it worked. I didn't change a thing. oh well... :confused:


What was the error post? Do you remember it?


I think it said something like...false? It was just one word, that much I remember.


Interesting. :confused:


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