Stuck in nesting paragraphs

I’m finding it difficult also to proceed to the next task. I’m stuck in nesting the paragraph tags

After typing in the necessary words in the tags, it’s still displaying an error. I think I’ve not been able to get it right. Please help.

Not sure if you were able to work this out, but I had the same issue as you did and I resolved it by having to copy and paste the paragraph from the assignment into the paragraph.


That was really helpful. Something so simple as just copy and paste made it work.

Didnt expected that it would work, but copy paste actually helped. Thanks!

Thanks! Copying and pasting did the trick!

I am experiencing these same issues still today and some of these issues go back to last year. I have tried the copy and paste of original text like the others did and it did indeed work, but why is this even having that issue and why has this not been corrected or fixed yet? Codecademy wants us to spend money for their Pro setup but why would we if the basic beginner stuff wont even work for us correctly and just frustrates us. Codecademy you need to fix this ASAP.

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Yep, this stumped me as well. I tried re-indenting, recoding, all that stuff. Finally, after re-indenting my entire paragraph, it worked. Its good to see other people were having this same issue, relieves my mind a little.

Same issue. It was only when I copies and pasted the text was I able to move on. Typing the text gave me an error.

I realise you posted this a long time ago so I’m hoping you’ve moved on but for anyone else it might be because of the typo “It’s” instead of “Its”.

Thank you, that was really helpful!

Thank you so much,
I did with this problem not less than one hour. but when i have read your answer, the solution was gotten