Stuck in loop


Yikes. I tried to use a while loop in the 'digit_sum' section of the Practice module. Unfortunately, I seem to have placed myself in an infinite loop. I tried logging out and back in, but still stuck. Is there are fail-safe that can be used to reset the browser?

Many thanks...


I've never seen that. I've done it a few times but I was always able to go back to the main Python menu then reenter the exercise. If all else fails do that, when the exercise loads, select all and delete then refresh with F5.

I highly recommend saving and doing your practice runs in a fiddle site like allows you to setup sessions in a variety of languages including Python. Look for plain Python, not Python 3 if you want to code in then copy over to Codecademy.



Glad you noticed. Fixed now.


I was able to get back in the following day. I tried to delete the help request but did not know how.

Thanks to you both for following up.


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