Stuck in git at 89%

I need help with this one guys, really badly its not letting me merge the origin and master branches and its driving me crazy!!!

Are you still stuck on this one?

yes I am still stuck on this one

Could you post a screenshot of your whole web browser so that I can see what you see?

I think you're talking about this exercise

[5. git merge](

step 1 Enter this command: cd my-quizzes

step 2 From the terminal, merge with origin/master, where Sally's most recent commits are. : git merge origin/master

step 1 Print the commit history: git log

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This is still an issue. Git-Teamwork- 5/8

So after getting that error, I ran
git fetch

Then run
git merge origin/master


That really help.Thank you.

Thanks… It helped me too…
should have done git fetch before checking this answer…!