Stuck in exercise 4 of 'Deploy your website to GitHub pages' Unit-1


After entering the URL for remote creation, the instructions card doesn't update to go to the next exercise. Th command I'm entering is- git remote add origin
Please provide feedback as soon as possible as my exercise is stuck at this stage.


Check if you're in the right directory, maybe you added the remote in a different repository from where it's supposed to be.

What is the output of this?

cat ~/workspace/daw/*/.git/config

BTW, by the time somebody is reading your post, they are probably looking to help. Saying anything along the lines of "asap" can easily make people change their minds.


Hi. I ran the command you sent. This was the output:
fatal: Not a git repository: .git
How do I proceed from this?


Thanx for the help. I created a new repo and that worked.


what exactly u did? I mean how did u solve the problem


I finally solved it
so the command pwd will help you find where you are in a filesystem directory
and the command ls will tell you what files you have in a directory.
keep going down using cd personal-website
and then cd .git
and down to configure folder
and use the command given like git remote add thing...