Stuck in ex8 .babelrc second task


Open the .babelrc file and add an object that specifies the preset to “env”.
Run the code once you’ve added the object.

I am stuck with it and when trying to get the code so I can keep on the browser hang and no results come out, help please what should i do??

here is the ex link


You have an icon folder next to the main.js tab. It looks like the image below:

Click on it to reveal the file structure. You will see the .babelrc file.

Click once on the .babelrc file. It will open in the tab next to main.js. Click the expand button to view it on full-screen.

Now, simply add the preset on line 1 of the file. The preset is: {“presets”: [“env”]}
You can copy and paste this preset.

Then press “Run”. You should now be able to pass this exercise.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


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