Stuck in conclusion part2.whatswrong in displaying string in quotations


var val = "'I finished my first course!'.";
console.log("YES yes YES");
console.log("No no");

The error is " It looks like you didn't log the correct string to the console! Make sure to use exactly the string shown."
can anyone help where i made a mistake.


Instead of using

console.log("YES yes YES");

you should probably use

console.log( var );


thank you sir.I got it


I stucked again:(

var myName='Monika'

if(myName.length === 6)
console.log=("I finished my first course!");
console.log=('i still have to practice');


Remove the equal-sign =
from your console.log() method

  console.log("I finished my first course!");
  console.log('i still have to practice');

and then do a Refresh Browser !!!!


always when i do this - "console.log is not a function" (yes, yes I do all refreshing)
but after anybodys help "online - it suddenly works:(