Stuck in 6/10 cp II (command line)


I´m doing the exercise 6/10 of The command line and I can't pass the step 4, I did all the steps correctly but I can't advance and there's no a "get code" for this exercise. I want to know what I did wrong or how can I move on and pass to next. Thanks in advance


It looks like when you tried to change to comedy it did not work so nothing after that went through. You tried ../../comedy but according to the results of you last command, you should have just done cd comedy. Make sure you watch the output as you go through the commands.


Thank you so much Alan! it worked.. but I must admit I still don't get when should I write without the ../ and why sometimes I must type two times this: ../../


Let's say you type pwd and it returns:


If you want to change to a folder within the same working directory, you would simply:

cd images

Which would take you to the images folder inside test.

You would use ../ to go up one directory such as:

cd ../

Would take you to the example folder.

cd ../../

Would bring you up two directories to the Documents folder.

You can also change directly to another folder in the same way:

cd ../test2

From the original pwd would bring you to the test2 folder inside of example.


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