Stuck in: 5/8 Math Function II



Please help.



They want you to
randomly print 1 character from the $name variable-string

string substr ( string $string , int $start [, int $length ] )
                       ^                ^            ^
                       ^                ^            ^
                     $name              ^            1
                    int rand ( int $min , int $max )
                                   ^           ^
                                   ^           ^
                                   0       (strlen( $name ) -1)
!! !!


you can refer to my code..i thing i work..hihi

// Use rand() to print a random number to the screen
echo rand(1,100);

// Use your knowledge of strlen(), substr(), and rand() to
// print a random character from your name to the screen.
echo $name[$num];


omg your are a genus you helped me thank you!!!!



You're pretty close! You don't need to print every function that you have learned from the lesson. This is the code I used:

$name = "Jonathan";
    //Determine the string length of your name
    $length = strlen($name);
    //Determine a random number between 0 and the lenght of your name
    $rand = rand(0, $length);
    //Use substr to pick a random character. The three parameters passed for substr
    //Are String(your name), Starting point(We want this to be random), and how many
    //Characters we want listed(1)
    $randChar = substr($name, $rand, 1);
    echo $randChar;

Hope this helps!! Don't give up and happy coding :slight_smile:


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