Stuck in 5/13


i am just stuck in 5/13 part . it says ‘‘Inside the company description paragraph, did you add the text?’’
where is the company description paragraph?


Can you please post your code so when can see exactly what is happening.


Like said, please post your code so that we here can help you.


sorry. i am completely new…this is the page?:smirk:

Ollie Bike Sharing


bike borrow

her is the way

click to inter it


please answer me someone?!


Hi !! Based on the screenshot that you take, you did not close your body and html tags. And also before the href remove the p selector and put an a selector remember the link should be between <a></a>. So your <p> should start before the text ‘her’. Try this and see.


ok…thanks alot:slight_smile:


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